Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mazda 2 Automatic Gearbox Transmission

Attention MAZDA Owners.Suffering From Annoying Auto Transmission Slipping / Noise Problems. Here's the solution 'THE TRADES BEST KEPT SECRET' LUCAS TRANSMISSION FIX STOP SLIP 700ML. SAVE ££££££100's ON EXPENSIVE GARAGE BILLS !!!!! NO NEED FOR A CHANGEOF TRANSMISSION OR COSTLY REPAIRS. The following benefits are acheived: CURES SLIPPING FOR SMOOTHER GEAR SHIFTING ELIMINATES NOISE, STOPS OIL LEAKS, REVITALISES WORN TRANSMISSION FLUID. Just add the full 700ml bottle to your autobox when engine is warm. Lucas Transmission Fix Stop Slip rejeuvenates worn bands in your autobox and stop slipping by coating the bands with a polymetric film.Cleans and lubricates all parts for smoother changing. Results are usually immediate. However, allow some milage for the Stop Slip to circulate fully throughout your transmission. Lucas Transmission Fix is compatible with all types of mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic fluids. Lucas Transmission Fix will not be effective with broken internal parts or completely burned out bands. We have been supplying the motor trade since 1974 and we have sold 100's in the last few years with positive results. We believe Lucas Transmission Fix Stop Slip to be the ultimate in oil additives on the market today. Made in USA. WILL NOT VOID NEW CAR WARRANTIES.